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You can connect with Body-Solid on a number of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Here are some ways to enhance your experience while using these networks.


  1. Like us: To stream updates and promotions into your News Feed, visit our Facebook page and Like us.
  2. Messages: Want to contact us directly? Look for the "Message" button while viewing our Facebook page and we'll try to get back to you ASAP.
  3. Share: Want to post something to your profile from our site? At the bottom of our product pages you'll find several options to share. Try clicking "Like," or use the "Share" button to add a personal message to your post.
  4. Mention us in your posts: Once you've Liked the Body-Solid Facebook page you can mention us in a post with the @ sign. Simply type @Body-Solid and click on our logo when you see it.
  5. Download the app: If you happen to own a smartphone or other similar device, there's a good chance there's a Facebook app for it. Once installed, you can interact with us on the go.


  1. Follow us: To receive Tweets containing news & promotions start by visiting our Twitter profile and clicking follow when logged in.
  2. Mention us: Adding @bodysolidfit to a Tweet will send us a notification. This is called a "mention" and we will try to respond to your mention ASAP.
  3. Hashtags: Surely you've seen hashtags used around the web & TV. By adding a hashtag to a word or phrase (without spaces), you have essentially categorized your Tweet based on that hashtag.
  4. Retweet: If you would like to share one of our Tweets it's as simple as Retweeting. Highlight our tweet on Twitter and click the Retweet button.
  5. URL Shortening: You only get 140 characters to craft the perfect Tweet. If you need to share a link you should visit a URL shortener such as Google's at


  1. Follow: Visit our Pinterest page and choose to follow all of our boards or select the ones you care about the most.
  2. Pin: We encourage our visitors to Pin anything they like to Pinterest. We recommend using the Pin It bookmark found here.
  3. Repin: Similar to Retweeting, when you find something you like on Pinterest you are able to Repin it on your own board by hovering your mouse cursor over a pin and selecting Repin.
  4. Tag us: If you are following any of our boards you can tag us by typing "@" followed by who you would like to tag (e.g. @body –> left click on Body-Solid, Inc.)
  5. Pin from your phone: You can visit the Pinterest mobile page or download the Android or iPhone app to Pin from your smartphone.

Author: Body-Solid

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