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Commercial fitness dealers face a wide array of challenges in today’s fitness market. When catering to the light commercial market (generally including but not limited to the hospitality, military, parks and recreation, medical, multi-housing, corporate fitness and scholastic markets) budgetary constraints have become a common theme in the procurement process. Body Solid has made this challenge much easier by expanding its Pro-Select line of cost effective new commercial equipment.

Historically the Pro- Select line consists of a Leg Press (GLP-STK), Inner and Outer Thigh (GIOT-STK) and a Weight Assisted Chin dip (FCD-STK). New for this year are 4 exceptionally well engineered stations, the Bicep and Tricep (GCBT-STK), the Ab and Back (GCABSTK), and the Leg Extension and Leg Curl (GCEC-STK). Three of our new stations derive from the proven designs of the existing Cam-Series pieces. The versatile Leg Extension/Leg Curl (GCEC-STK) performs the two most important leg exercises from one comfortable position with easy weight pin selection. The Bicep /Triceps design (GCBT-STK) saves on space and cost by combining 2 gym quality exercises on one machine. Finally, the GCABSTK Ab /Back Combo features a 30 degree angle for precise biomechanical movement with a 7 position, fully upholstered leg pad to isolate back and abdominal muscles.

Each of these pieces features a wide range of adjustability, 28 different starting positions to ensure a full range of motion throughout every exercise. The 11 gauge 2”x3” steel design gives this piece a rock solid presence in any light commercial setting. Best of all, at $1299 retail these stations provide great commercial margins. This newly completed Body-Solid Pro-Select line combines value, versatility space efficiency and durability in any light commercial setting.

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