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Welcome to today’s edition of the Body-Solid Built for Life & Times blog, hope everyone had a great weekend! Today we’re going to look at a few different articles from around the web including a study that found fans of losing NFL teams ate more fatty foods, what T-Nation calls the best exercise you’re not doing and a few tips on warming up properly before your workout. 


#SolidEats – When Teams Lose, Fans Tackle Fatty Foods

Let’s start off with an article that may be near and dear to the hearts of many of our customers, an article from The New York Times “When Teams Lose, Fans Tackle Fatty Foods.”

The study in focus, published in Psychological Science last month, looks at the eating habits of NFL fans post-game and attempts to see difference between what a fan eats when his or her team loses and what they eat when their team wins. The results may not surprise you but are interesting none the less. 

The study found that saturated-fat consumption increased by over 28 percent following defeats and decreased by around 16 percent following victories. Research also found that nail-biting last second defeats led to a greater consumption of high-calorie fat-saturated foods. 

Monday’s tended to be the worse day and had the greatest divide in calorie and fat intake between winners and losers. By Tuesday of that week, fan’s eating habits were about normal to the control groups. 

We’d hope none of our customers would do this every Sunday but if so, you aren’t alone.

How about you start channeling that energy into a post-loss workout? 


#Solidology – The Best Exercise You're Not Doing – Turkish Get-Ups

Want more muscle, better coordination and improved conditioning? T-Nation’s Matthieu Hertilus has an answer in what he calls the best exercise you’re not doing — the Turkish Get-Up (TGU for short)

The TGU is separated into seven steps that progress as your strength and familiarity with the exercise grows. Hertilus claims a few of the steps may seem overly simple but “it’s in your best interest to pay attention to the details if you want to reap the benefits… You must master every single step before putting it all together”. 

Step 1: Roll to Press

Get in the fetal position on your right side with a dumbbell or kettlebell in your right hand. In one motion roll onto your back and press the bell into the air, keeping it stable. Your right knee will be bent with your toe pointing away from your body. 

The goal here is to keep your upper body pressed against the floor with shoulder blades pulled together. Your left leg needs to be kept straight with your heel on the ground while your left hand rests on your abdomen. 

Step 2: Press to Elbow

In one controlled motion, shift your bodyweight away from the current lifting side and rest on your opposite forearm. Your chest stays up while your working-side food is flat on the ground. 

Step 3: Post-Up Position

The key to step 3 is straightening the arm of the non-working side until it’s fully extended and your palms are flat on the floor. 

Step 4: High Pelvis Bridge

Drive your hips upward creating a straight line from the knee of the working side to the top of your head. 

Step 5: High Pelvis to Knee

If Step 4 is performed properly you should have space to slide your opposite leg underneath. The non-working side knee should be in a straight line with your hand. 

Step 6: Knee to Kneeling

Rise from your three points of contact (foot, knee and hand) into a standard lunge position. 

Step 7: The Stand

Come to a standing position by driving off the ground with both feet. Do not press the weight during this step. 

That’s it. Here’s a video tutorial to give you an idea of what it looks like in action:

Hertilus recommends integrating the TGU into your training program slowly, starting with Weeks 1-4 used primarily as a warm-up, Weeks 4-8 as the first exercise of the day then Weeks 8-12 as the main lift of the day. 

The Big 5 are great, but the Turkish Get-Up may just be the missing piece to building an overall strong, coordinated, muscular body.

The cool thing about the TGU is the relative ease of equipment used. Most examples show a dumbbell or kettlebell both of which are offered by Body-Solid: 


#Solidology: Tips for Warming Up Properly 

Do you feel like you warm up enough before every workout? If you’re only doing five to ten minutes, JasonFerruggia.com guest writer Keith Scott thinks you’re doing it wrong

Here are a few quick tips from Scott on how to improve your warm up: 

  • A good warm up should have dynamic movements: Perhaps start with a static hold/stretch of the hip flexor and more that into a more dynamic leg swing. 
  • A proper warm up needs to involve the entire kinetic chain: Your warm up needs to attack the whole body. 
  • You always need to be working on mobility, activation, etc.
  • A good warm up needs to involve activation of muscle groups
  • If you have lower back issues, you need to spend more time on your hips, glutes and core. 
  • A good warm up should not tire you out, rather it will get your body prepared and you will feel much more confident going into your training routine. 

Scott recommends your warm up take around 15-30 minutes. 

“The warm up is necessary for health and success. The warm up gets your mind “right” as well.”

Read the full article at http://jasonferruggia.com/why-you-need-to-warm-up-properly-how-to-do-so/


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