#Solidology – A Wicked Core Workout for Halloween

Happy Halloween to all of our great Body-Solid customers, dealers and supporters. Today may be the ultimate cheat day for some people but for those staying strong here's a great core workout via the Go Super Sisters that will keep you in the holiday mood. 

Pumpkin Pickers

Pick out your favorite pumpkin and squat down to grab it with your shoulders back, chest out and knees behind your toes, keeping a strong core as you pick it up. Be sure to lift with your legs and glutes, not your back. 

Curl the pumpkin in towards your chest using your biceps, then follow by pressing it directly overhead using your shoulders and arms. 

Reverse each motion on the way down and repeat four times!

Full Moon Rises

Perform these straight leg raises with an optional stability ball like the Body-Solid Exercise Balls (http://www.bodysolid.com/Home/BSTSB/Body-Solid_Exercise_Balls). Start with both legs vertical and abs in. Make sure your arms are resting flat on the floor by your sides. Lower your legs slowly without losing floor contact with your locker back. Raise them back up, keeping your bellybutton in tight. Repeat this motion ten times. 

Pass the Pumpkin

With your heels on the floor (or raised in the air for more of a challenge), lean back about 45 degrees, keeping your bellybutton in and knees together. Twist side-to-side squeezing your obliques. Tap the pumpkin lightly on the floor each time. 

If you have a friend with you, sit back-to-back and pass the pumpkin around in circles, switching directions halfway through. 

Author: Body-Solid

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