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Body-Solid means S.W.E.A.T.: Systematic Workouts and Energetic Aerobic Training. That is not official, I just made it up, but the Body-Solid products such as the free weights, the home and commercial weight machines, the treadmills, elliptical, and spin bikes are all made for one basic purpose — to make you sweat.

I’m not talking about the nervous sweat that might be the result of a business meeting gone badly, or the armpit sweat that stains the silk shirt or dress during a dinner in a too warm restaurant.

I am talking about the cleansing full-throttle heavy sweat from a great physical workout, the kind of sweat that forces a person to carry around a towel so to wipe the sweat off of themselves and the Body-Solid machine that they are using.  

When free-weights or Ab Benches, Elliptical Cross Trainers or treadmills are used with passion and determination, the sweat at the end of the workout routine is the byproduct of health and a self-congratulatory “high-five” of positive self-esteem.  Kind of like a Body-Solid physical workout hat trick: sweat + health + high self-esteem. offers over 200 sweat-producing Body-Solid products that can help change a person from what they are to what they want to become.  Sort of like a sweaty out-of-shape Phoenix becoming, over time, a fiery powerful animal.  The following are just a few of the many sweat producing, health providing, self-esteem improving exercise machines offered by Body-Solid.

Bike riding is one of the best ways to get both extreme muscular and aerobic workouts.  Riding a bike is more than tooling around the neighborhood with the family.  Open road bike riding is a spirit-freeing experience that combines the headiness of fresh air, power, and an incredible workout.  It can also be wet, cold, and dangerous.  City riding is an accident waiting to happen, while riding the rural bi-ways and highways are fraught with crazy bike-chasing dogs and people in pickup trucks who don’t like bicyclists. 

Instead of going outside, a biker can stay warm and safe in the privacy of their own home while reaping the same biking benefits with a Body-Solid Endurance Manual Upright Bike.  This solid high-quality exercise bike can create a challenge for even future Tour de France riders, with a challenging of 15 levels of a smooth consistent magnetic resistance workout.  While riding the different level endurance courses, the user can also be comfortable with the oversized padded seat and have a clear access in viewing their health rate with the large easy-to-read console and contacts that will accurately display the user’s heart rate.  

The “endurance” aspect about this bike is twofold, it will help the user to increase their physical endurance, and the bike itself can endure the heavy workout load with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on the frame and a comfortable five year warranty on the parts. When the workout is finished for the day, the 130 pound bike can be easily moved with its front transport wheels, allowing the bike to be moved out of harm’s way of passing toes and legs during the downtime at home.

Jogging or walking is another great outdoor exercise yet like bike riding, the jogger or walker will also have to suffer the slings-and-arrows of Mother Nature and the city/country obstacles that occur.  With the Body-Solid Endurance TF3i Treadmill, the jog can be done in the privacy of your own home.  

A small unused space within the apartment or home can become the epicenter of heath and exercise.  This treadmill is ideal for home use, taking up a small footprint when not in use by folding up and rolling out of the way.  Even though this treadmill is for home use, it is a solidly built machine with precision engineering and has state-of-the-art electronics that is the standard of professional health clubs. 

Besides featuring foldaway convenience with an easy to use foot release, the Endurance TF3i Treadmill has a rock-solid platform with a steel frame construction that is built to withstand constant jarring and pounding and dripping sweat.  The shock absorbent low maintenance deck and lifetime tread belt offers a suspended running surface which means the users knees, hips, ankles and feet will not become so tired and sore during short or long marathon running sessions.  The powerful motor is designed to exceed the performance and horsepower of standard home-used treadmills while the quiet performance of the Endurance Poly-V Belt Drive System will allow the user to watch TV, listen to music or quietly think of the new slimmer clothes that they will soon be buying.  

The benefit of walking or running inside at home is being able to monitor the running track and receive constant response about your workout, including time, distance, elevation, speed, calories burned, and the users heart rate.  With its six preprogrammed fitness course developed by professional trainers, this treadmill can offer several different types of encompassing workouts.  A cardio training workout to strengthen the cardiovascular system, an endurance training workout that will help eliminate stress and fight fatigue while improving the overall mood of the user, a fat burning workout designed to reduce the waistline for a fitter and trimmer body, and the Interval Training workout that combines the endurance training and cardio training by offering different speeds and inclines.

Going to a local gym for a good high-powered weight lifting workout can become an excuse for not going out to the local gym for a good high-powered weight lifting workout.  For many people, coming home tired from a long day at work can be a good excuse for not getting changed into sweat pants or shorts and T-shirts in the middle of winter and driving through the cold and snow-covered streets just to be able to get a good, cleansing sweat-producing weight lifting workout.  

With a Body-Solid G10B Bi-Angular Home Gym, driving to the gym is no longer a problem or excuse.  This gym comes packed with power and offers an optimal range of motion while applying a smooth, multidirectional resistance that increases muscle interaction by 25%, moreover producing a large amount of sweating interaction that will not be viewed by other people in a public gym.  This home gym will offer the user a more intense and sweaty workout by offering more than fifty different exercises, all in the privacy of the home.  When working out with this gym, the user can wear whatever they want, listen to any kind of music, and not have to worry about sharing a changing room with strangers.

The G10B has a whole bunch of different workout stations that are equipped with swivel arms, adjustable range of motions, and designed for both bilateral and unilateral movements so to get the maximum effect.  This home gym is not something grandma used in the 1940s, this steel frame foundation comes with extra thick DuraFirm padding, lumbar support and two 210 pound weight stacks, allowing workouts to become interesting and anything but routine.  The different stations include a Biangular Motion Chest Press; a Lat Pulldown/High Pulley; a Seated Row/Low Pulley; A Leg extension/Leg Curl; Ab Crunch/Mid Pulley Station; and a Perfect Pec Fly Station.

The two 210 pound alloy weight stacks plates are machine drilled to exact specification and state-of-the-art nylon bushings provide a quiet and smooth operation. 

Fitting within a corner of a room in the house, this home gym is more than a place to hang clothes on, it is a smooth machine of power for people who want to have more control of their lives.  To be able to enjoy the freedom of feeling strong and fit is vital for everybody but achieving such a feeling comes with a price of sweating.  Getting in shape and staying there can be somewhat difficult and hard to maintain but with a Body-Solid exercise gym, spin bike, treadmill or elliptical, getting in shape can become easier, without cutting ‘workout’ corners in the process.  

Think of a Body-Solid exercise product like a good tool, maybe a hammer.  Sure, a person could use a rock or a handle of a screwdriver to force a nail into a piece of wood, but using the correct and sturdy tool to hammer that nail into the wood beam is accomplishing the same thing, but with quicker and better results.  

That is what Body-Solid does; it helps people accomplish a difficult task better and quicker.

Body-Solid is built for life and built for you…to sweat, to be healthy, and to increase your self-esteem.  Help create your own solid body with Body-Solid.

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