Built for Life & Times: February 4

Still working off that Super Bowl weight? No problem, we're right there with you! Here are a few articles and workouts we found around the web this morning. We have a great three-month six-pack workout from BodyBuilding.com, an at-home core workout, a study from FlexOnline's Jim Stoppani looking at the rest-pause training method and of course the Body-Solid Product of the Day. 


Scult Your Six-Pack Now!

The weather outside may be frightful, but soon it will be delightful! Kick-start your summer six-pack with this awesome abs plan from Ray Klerck of TRAIN Magazine. 

This abdominal program is different from most because it lacks ab-specific exercises. Instead, this 3-month program engages the core and works various full-body movements. The program consists of supersets and giant sets, where multiple exercises are performed back to back without rest. 

"Compound, multi-joint exercises—such as squats and deadlift—work your core as hard as ab-specific exercises, according to research at Utah State University. The key: Keep your abs tight as you perform the movement."

View the full workout at http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/sculpt-your-six-pack-now-early-summer-abs-workout.html

Killer Core & Guns At Home Workout

Of course we love home workouts here at Body-Solid and this was a great one courtsey of LiveLifeActive.com's Erin. 

"Try this new at home workout for a killer core and upper body burn. Do all the workouts in a huge circuit before taking a rest."


Rest-pause for maximum gains?

Chances are if you're into lifting you've heard of the rest-pause training method. It's a method that involves taking a short rest within a set. It is shown to increase muscle strength in addition to aiding muscle growth. The real question though, does it work?

FlexOnline's Jim Stoppani, Ph.D. tackles the subject here: http://www.flexonline.com/training/power-pause

"Scientists reported that power decreased by 15% from rep number one to rep number six when the subjects did not use rest-pause between reps. With the 20-second rest-pause between sets, power decreased by only 6% from rep number one to rep number six. And with the 40-second rest-pause between reps, power decreased by just 4% from rep number one to rep number six."

Body-Solid: Product of the Day 

Special thanks to the aforementioned Jim Stoppani who is always quick to point out our Strength Training Clock which hangs in his personal gym. You can see it in most of his videos and photos and it's always great to see someone of his stature using our products. A Twitter follower asked him where he could get that awesome clock, well, right here! 

"This time keeping marvel has accurate quartz movement that requires one AA battery. It's an exact replica of an Olympic plate that will highlight any fitness room. Made of high-impact polymer resin, this clock weighs only 1 lb."


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