Body-Solid Celebrates 25 Years in Business

This week, Body-Solid Inc., based in Forest Park, Illinois celebrates 25 years of manufacturing and distributing high quality fitness equipment. The fitness industry has changed dramatically in the last 25 years.

When Body-Solid was founded in 1989, neon spandex, aerobics, Universal gyms and sand weights were state of the art. Today, the industry is filled with incredible technology and machines that no one would have imagined twenty-five years ago.

Despite the industry changes, Body-Solid’s focus and mission have remained the same – provide high quality value-priced fitness products for health conscious consumers around the world.

Grounded by their motto “Built for Life” and an industry-pioneering lifetime warranty, Body-Solid has become a premier manufacturer and distributor of high-quality fitness equipment for both home and commercial use.

Body-Solid began its journey with the introduction of a simple Olympic bench in 1989. Today the company sells over a dozen different benches of all shapes, sizes and functions. The company soon after came out with the first Smith machine designed to be affordable for home use and what would be the first in a line of many home gyms – the Power Flex Gym.

Bolstered by many more product introductions and the 1994 introduction of the first ever Lifetime Warranty on fitness products, the company continued to grow outgrowing several buildings before settling in its current 200,000 square foot home in early 2000. The last part of the century also saw the introduction of the Powerline affordable price point line of strength products and the first ever company website.

The early part of the century saw Body-Solid garnering many product and corporate awards as well as the introduction of the Endurance line of cardio products, the Pro Clubline series of commercial strength products, the price point line of Best Fitness products and most recently, the Body-Solid Tools line of fitness accessories.

An early adopter of the internet as a key selling tool, Body-Solid has aggressively increased its product assortment in order to provide the greatest amount of options from one vendor for its retail customers. Today, Body-Solid boasts one of the widest arrays of products in the industry with over 600 different items spanning the entire gamut of the fitness industry including home gyms, free weight machines, commercial strength products, cardio products, iron products and fitness accessories of all types.

Throughout its twenty-five years, Body-Solid has embraced the international nature of fitness pursuing customers in all corners of the earth. Body-Solid products have been sold in over 130 countries and today the company has distributors on every continent of the world except for Antarctica.

In spite of this growth, Body-Solid has always worked hard to keep the company focused on the communities that support the company including the company’s employees and their families. 2014 has been a year full of employee centered events and celebrations. In addition, Body-Solid is happy to take this opportunity to give back to the community through the recently announced establishment of an academic scholarship for deserving students pursuing studies in the fitness, wellness, physical therapy, and other related fields. In addition Body-Solid supports many philanthropic organizations throughout the world through product donations and other support.

Finally, concurrently with this release, Body-Solid is proud to introduce two limited edition versions of two of their most popular products: the G6B Biangular Home Gym and the Bicep Bomber weight lifting accessory. See separate press releases for further information on the scholarship and the product introductions.


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