Maximizing your side lunges!

A few days ago, Betina Ely, a Nike Training Club Elevated Trainer as well Fitness Director/Trainer at CrossTown Fitness, stopped by for a photoshoot at the Body-Solid offices. We love having Betina come in for video and photoshoots not only because she looks great on camera but because of her unbelievable knowledge of fitness, no matter the product. Her credentials speak to that. 

One of the main products we shot was our BSTDMB Dual-Grip Medicine Balls with one of the featured exercises being side lunges.

During the shoot, Betina had mentioned that side lunges are one of the movements she often sees done poorly, with wrong form or not utilized to their fullest extent. This morning on Instagram, she posted some advice for those not making the most of their side lunges, things to be aware of when performing them and some other additional tips/tricks with regards to side lunges. Check it out: 



Side lunges are one of the exercises I see often done incorrectly.

Few things you want to keep in mind:

  • Think about sinking into your glutes versus bending your knee
  • Keep your knees and toes pointing forward(but don't let your knees go past your toes)
  • Keep your chest up, but spine stays neutral, not hyperextended
  • Opposite leg stays relatively straight
  • Drive through your heels as you step back together

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