New Product: Body-Solid Pro Clubline SPRHT Hip Thruster Attachment

Body-Solid welcomes a brand-new addition to our SPR power rack attachment lineup: the SPRHT Hip Thruster Attachment!

The Body-Solid Pro Clubline Hip Thruster Attachment is a rack attachment that focuses solely on an exercise that has recently exploded in popularity: hip thrusts. The hip thrust movement builds strength, size, and stability in the glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

The Hip Thruster Attachment (SPRHT) features a thick, padded platform that gives users a comfortable, safe, stable, and efficient place to perform this effective movement.

Body-Solid’s Pro Clubline Hip Thruster Attachment (SPRHT) ships fully assembled and attaches to rack uprights with a u-shaped frame and easy-grip pins for quick and straightforward installation. 

The SPRHT Hip Thruster Attachment is compatible with several Body-Solid racks, including the SPR250 Squat Stand, SPR500 Half Rack, SPR1000 Power Rack, and GPR400 Power Rack

Technical Specifications

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