New Product: Body-Solid GROW Rower Attachment

Enhance your existing home gym setup with new workout capabilities thanks to the Body-Solid GROW Rower Attachment!

The Body-Solid GROW Rower Attachment is a great way to add low-impact, calorie-burning indoor rowing to your exercise routine.

You can quickly and easily install the attachment to several low pulley stations, enabling you to enjoy high-intensity cardio workouts on your weight machines, power racks, and other equipment.

  • Installs on low pulley station
  • Low-impact total body workouts
  • Cardio workouts with weight machines
  • Assembled Size: 66″ L x 20″ W x 12″ H
  • Assembled Weight: 43 lbs.

Compatible Products List

The GROW Rower Attachment is compatible with numerous Body-Solid gyms, power racks, lat attachments, and functional trainers

  • Best Fitness: BFCCO10, BFFT10, BFLA100, BFLA250, BFMG20, BFMG30
  • Body-Solid Gyms & Strength: EXM300LPS, G10B, G1S, G3S, G5S, G6BR, G9S, GDCC200, GDCC210, GDCC250, GFT100, GLA348QS, , GLGS100, GLM83
  • Body-Solid Lat & FT Attachments (Must also have Power Rack): GLA378, GLA400, GPRFT, GPRFTS
  • Body-Solid Pro ClubLine: S2FT, SCC1200G,  SPRHLA (Lat on SPR500)
  • Powerline Gyms & Strength: BSG10X, P2X, PCCO90X, PFT100, PFT50, PHG1000X, PLM180X
  • Powerline Lat Attachments (Must also have Power Rack): PLA1000, PLA144X, PLA200X, PLA500

Watch the Body-Solid GROW Rower Attachment in action!

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