New Product: Body-Solid OB48F Fat Grip Curl Bar

Take biceps and triceps workouts to a new level with the new Body-Solid OB48F Fat Grip Curl Bar!

The Body-Solid Tools OB48F Fat Grip Curl Bar works like a standard barbell and helps users build bigger and stronger biceps and triceps through movements like biceps curls, skull crushers, preacher curls, triceps extensions, spider curls, overhead presses, and upright rows.

But there’s more! Yes, this is way more than just a standard barbell.

The thick 2″ grip diameter helps build grip strength and develop stronger and more muscular forearms.

Constructed with 11-gauge steel, the OB48F features an overall length of 48″, 8.25″ sleeve length, and 2″ diameter sleeves allowing users to load Olympic weight plates onto the bar.

See the Body-SOlid OB48F Fat Grip Curl Bar in action!

For More Information

Learn more about the Body-Solid OB48F Fat Grip Curl Bar on our product page at or contact your local Body-Solid dealer.

Author: Body-Solid

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