Fitness Trends for 2014 (ACSM)

The American College of Sports Medicine released their newest Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends and there’s some surprisingly movement at the top of the list. - Worldwide Survey of Fitness TrendsMore than 3,800 fitness professionals participated in The American College of Sports Medicine’s latest “Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends."

The survey allows fitness professionals from across the world to vote on various fitness trends to determine what will be most important in 2014 not only to them, but their clients, friends and family. 

This year, High-Intensity Interval Training took the top spot, previously held by Educated, Certified and Experienced Fitness Professionals, which had the #1 position since 2008. 

Zumba, which made its inaugural appearance at #9 in 2012, has completely dropped off the top 2 this year (#28) after falling to #13 last year. 

Pilates, Spinning, Stability Ball and Balance Training also failed to appear on the list, indicating according to The American College of Sports Medicine “that these were fads and not trends.”

The remaining list is below including a link to the full survey detailing each of these trends. 

  1. High-Intensity Interval Training
  2. Body Weight Training
  3. Educated, Certified, and Experienced Fitness Professionals
  4. Strength Training
  5. Exercise and Weight Loss
  6. Personal Training
  7. Fitness Programs for Older Adults
  8. Functional Fitness
  9. Group Personal Training
  10. Yoga
  11. Children and Exercise for the Treatment/Prevention of Obesity
  12. Worksite Health Promotion
  13. Core Training
  14. Outdoor Activities
  15. Circuit Training
  16. Outcome Measurements
  17. Wellness Coaching
  18. Sport-Specific Training
  19. Worker Incentive Programs
  20. Boot Camp

Read the full survey at

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