Just You Fitness Continues Growth with Personalized Training

Just You Fitness

We check back in after six years with Just You Fitness, a personalized, private training studio that continues to enjoy growth!

Six years ago on the Body-Solid blog, we featured an up-and-coming training studio based in the Carolinas region of the United States: Just You Fitness.

At that time, the company had just five locations in North and South Carolina. Steady growth and consistency have continued for the company, and this year, they just launched their 7th location in James Island, South Carolina!

The growth of Just You Fitness is a testament to founder JP Zengerle’s leadership and the unique concept of Just You Fitness: a private, state-of-the-art fitness facility where the only people in the room are the client and the trainer.

As Zengerle told us six years ago, “No contending for machines, no one staring, no distractions.”

Just You Fitness

Zengerle—who holds a Master’s degree in Sports Fitness & Health—also believes the growth of Just You Fitness comes from more people learning about the numerous benefits of regular exercise and resistance training.

“They are powerful tools for enhancing overall health and well-being,” said Zengerle. “They stimulate muscle growth and strength, build muscle mass, improve metabolism, and help reduce body fat.”

The benefits of regularly working out in facilities like Just You Fitness go beyond just the external appearance, too.

“Consistent exercise reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension,” said Zengerle. “Improving cardiovascular health, enhancing insulin sensitivity, and reducing inflammation are just a few of the many benefits.”

Just You Fitness

As the world becomes more open and understanding of the importance of mental health, fitness-focused businesses like Just You Fitness have also grown. Regular exercise has consistently reduced stress, enhanced moods, and provided better mental health and quality of life.

Zengerle says while he’s proud of Just You Fitness’s continued growth and expansion, he’s even more motivated and happy to see his clients’ continued success and improvements in their lives.

“It’s such a rewarding and positive experience for me and our entire team of trainers.”

Just You Fitness

Just You Fitness’ new James Island location features several pieces of Body-Solid equipment, including our popular GFT100 Functional Trainer, power racks, dumbbells, medicine balls, benches, and more.

Learn more about Just You Fitness by visiting them at justyoufitness.com, or following them on facebook.com/JustYouFitness and Instagram @JustYouFitness.

If you’re interested in adding Body-Solid equipment to your fitness facility, visit us at bodysolid.com, contact a Body-Solid dealer in your area at bodysolid.com/dealer_locator, or email sales@bodysolid.com.

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