Built for Life & Times: January 29

Here are a few great links to check out today including Muscle and Fitness' beginning training tips about carbs, an article on the possible downsides of Broccoli and Kale and a great article from Body-Solid user and FlexOnline's Jim Stoppani, Ph.D. 

Beginner's Training Tips: Get Your Carbs


Carbs are an essential part of your training as they provide the energy you need to train and recover, so trying to cut them out or reduce them is likely to result in a drop in training intensity and a quick slip into an overtrained state.

The Dark Side Of Broccoli And Kale: Could Cruciferous Vegetables Be Bad For You?


Broccoli is probably the healthiest food out there, right? It’s rich in antioxidants and it’s known to have cancer-fighting features; it can also lower cholesterol when steamed. The same goes for other cruciferous vegetables, such as kale, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts — unless you’re eating far too much of them, health and nutrition experts say.

On Trial: Overhead vs. Lying Tricep Extensions


Use a variety of overhead extensions in your triceps workouts. Consider starting your workouts with dumbbell or barbell overhead extensions, while you’re strongest, to place the most emphasis on the long head. Then, after doing exercises that hit the lateral and medial heads, consider adding another exercise for the long head, such as one-arm dumbbell overhead extensions or cable overhead extensions. 

Body-Solid Product of the Day: Powerline Dumbbell Rack


The Powerline Dumbbell Rack keeps your workout area organized, clean and most importantly, safe. Our weight trees and dumbbell racks can be placed against any wall or centered in a room and nobody builds stronger or more space efficient storage units.

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