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Happy Monday morning from all of us at Body-Solid, Inc! We hope you had a great weekend and are ready for the exciting week ahead. Today we're going to highlight a few must-read articles from around the web as well as a trailer of sorts for a brand-new documentary that hopes to be the "Pumping Iron" of our time. 

A Number That May Not Add Up: A Look At Body Mass Index

Jane Brody of New York Times Well Blog wrote this detailed article about the pitfalls of the much-maligned BMI number. 

"The index was devised in the 1830s from measurements in men by a Belgian statistician interested in human growth. More than a century later, it was adopted by insurers and some researchers studying the distribution of obesity in the general population. Though never meant to be an individual assessment, only a way to talk about weight in large populations, B.M.I. gradually was adopted as an easy and inexpensive way for doctors to assess weight in their patients.

At best, though, B.M.I. is a crude measure that “actually misses more than half of people with excess body fat,” Geoffrey Kabat, an epidemiologist at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, has noted. Someone with a “normal” B.M.I. can still be overly fat internally and prone to obesity-related ills."

Steve Reeves – The Ultimate Classic Bodybuilder

SimplyShredded.com put together this fantastic biographical piece about Mr. America and Mr. Universe-winning Bodybuilder turned actor Steve Reeves. 

At his peak, Reeves was one of the highest-paid actors in the world but is best known for his portrayal  of Hercules in the mid-1950s. 

"At 24 years old Steve Reeves future was bright indeed. Forever immortalized as an Iron Age bodybuilding champion he would soon become famous the world around as the mythical Hercules!"

Behind The Iron Sneak Peek: The Creation

"Behind The Iron" is a documentary looking deep into the lives of powerlifters coming 2014 and aims to be the "Pumping Iron" of our generation. Check out this sneak peek on how the movie went from school project to full-length feature: 

Who says you can't build athletic legs with bodyweight training alone?

Want to train with your bodyweight and still have strong legs, impossible you say? Not according to Al Kavadlo of Bodybuilding.com who explains a few ways to train and build athletic legs using only bodyweight exercises like broad jumps and jump lunges. 

"It's become a common cliché that bodyweight athletes don't have strong legs. Look at the comments on any YouTube clip showcasing advanced calisthenics, and you're bound to see someone hating on the lack of lower-body development. A number of coaches also insist that it's impossible to build a strong, powerful lower body without external weights.

Balderdash, I say! Bodyweight exercises alone can make you every bit as strong as can barbells and dumbbells. You just need to push yourself and get a little creative."

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