Built for Life & Times: June 6

Happy Friday! Welcome to a new edition of Body-Solid's official digest – Built for Life & Times. If you're unfamiliar with the Built for Life & Times, we do the heavy lifting (pun intended) by collecting the best articles on the web related to fitness, body building and exercise equipment around the internet.

Today we're looking at 100 Push Up variations, exercises for building a bigger chest, a very detailed look at increasing proficiency in the olympic lifts and the Body-Solid Product of the Day. 

5 Best Exercises for a Bigger Chest

Stephanie Lee of Bodybuilding.com has a great article detailing five of the best exercises for building a bigger chest. Some of these exercises may be common sense to more veteran lifters but it's a nice quick list for those looking to focus: 

"Building the chest of your dreams shouldn't be treated like rocket science—overly complicated with a chance of blowing up in your face. James Grage likes to stick to the basics, using different angles and rep ranges to blitz every fiber in his pecs and elicit maximum growth."

The five exercises Stephanie recommends are barbell bench press, incline dumbbell press, flat dumbbell fly, bar dip and the classic push-up. 

Read the full article at http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/5-best-exercises-for-a-bigger-chest.html also we recommend using our exclusive Body-Focus tool to see the best Body-Solid products for building up your chest. 

Increasing Proficiency in the Olympic Lifts

Few sites break down the science behind lifting better than EliteFTS and today's article by Greg Potter is no exception:

"It is no surprise that the Olympic lifts are held in high-esteem by many athletes and coaches alike (given the skills necessary to perform them efficiently). While I am not suggesting that any one exercise is a panacea for anybody—unless the exercise is the competitive event itself for an athlete—when pressed for time in the gym, the selection of lifts that demand and develop high motor unit recruitment and a multitude of physical qualities can be an efficient strategy provided that an individual has the requisite training background to perform these lifts safely."

This, like most EliteFTS pieces is a long read but if you're serious about improving your olympic lifts this is one of the best guides you'll find online. 

Read the full article at http://articles.elitefts.com/training-articles/increasing-proficiency-in-the-olympic-lifts

100 Push-Up Variations

Yes, 100 different variations of the standard push-up in this informative and interactive infographic. The infograph was developed by Sergeant Mike Volkin of Strength Stack 52 and Dan Delisleof PushXpro.

Strength Stack 52 Strength Stack 52 Strength Stack 52 PushXpro Diamond Wide Arm Slow Negative Side to Side Staggered One Foot Hindu Feet Elevated on Bench Incline Bench w/Knee Rotation Chain Plate Loaded Ring Sliding Forward Decline Swiss Ball Grasshopper Position Circle Archer Crossed Forearm to Tricep Extension Thigh Slap Chest Tap Crucifix Finger Tip Medicine Bar 2 Arm Scorpion Pike Lateral Pylo on Plates Close Grip Pushup to Rollout Dumbbell Rotation Sliding Lateral Suspension Strap Walking Gecko Feet on Kettlebells Renegade Uchi Mata Jack Knife Dragon Walks On Hand on Medicine Ball w/ PushXpro One-Leg w/ PushXpro One Arm Side to Side Pylo on Med Ball Chain with Feet Elevated Chain w/ Feet Elevated on Bench & Hands on Kettlebells Single Inverted Kettlebell Double Inverted Kettlebell Modified Planche Handstand (Supported) Superman Diamond w/ Feet Elevated on Bench One Arm One Leg Suspension with a Stability Ball Falling and Exlosive Rebound Lalanne Fingrtip Falling and Flying Superman Rebound Superman X Jumps Flying Squirrel Aztec Flying Superman w/ Hands Behind Head Aztec Cross Touch Flying Cap Remover Polymetric Sets w/ Combinations One Hand Clap Muay Thai Triple Clap 360 Push Up Diamond Hand Stand w/ balance support Free Handstand Tiger Bend Wall Corkscrew Wall Braced One Arm 4 Medicine Ball Atomic Using PushXpro

Body-Solid Product of the Day: OSR Rubber Grip Olmypic Sets

Designed using state-of-the art technology, Body-Solid Rubber (urethane) Grip Olympic Plates surpasses all others in quality, accuracy, reliability and price.

Quad-grip design guarantees safer and easier performance than any other plate on the market. Encased in durable, heavy-duty rubber to prevent scuffing or damage to equipment, walls or floors. Impact-resistant, these Olympic Plates will not split, crack or peel. They are also impervious to rusting, chipping, flaking or losing their color. And the integrated metal sleeve provides a smooth, secure fit onto any Olympic bar.

Heavy lifting has never been easier or safer. Find out more about the OSR at http://www.bodysolid.com/Home/OSR/Rubber_Grip_Olympic_Sets

That's it for today, folks. Have a great weekend and remember to stay Built for Life! 


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