Get to Know: Body-Solid Tools Core Essentials

Today’s blog is all about the Body-Solid Tools Core Essentials!

The Core Essentials package includes nine different pieces of equipment that can provide hundreds of different exercises to tone, trim and build a better body. The exclusive package also includes a workout guide and DVD making it one of the most comprehensive products we’ve ever released.

The nine pieces of equipment included in Core Essentials are two Body-Solid Tools Vinyl Dumbbells, an Exercise Ball, Resistance Tubes, Cable Speed Rope, Ab Wheel, Push-Up Bars, Yoga Mat and as mentioned a paper workout guide and instructional DVD featuring workout routines specific to muscle group, equipment or a 30-minute all-in-one workout.

Unlike any other Body-Solid product, there is almost no limit to the amount of exercises, routines or muscle groups you can work with Core Essentials — abs, biceps, glutes, lower back, quads, triceps, yoga, core strength, forearms, shoulders — it doesn’t matter. This package will help achieve your ultimate fitness goals in less time and with less space as all products fit into one easy to transport box.

Let’s look at each of the nine products in a little bit more detail:

Body-Solid Tools Vinyl Dumbbells can be used on their own for a variety of lifting, curling, pressing and stretching exercises. They can also be incorporated into jogging, power-walking, aerobics, physical therapy and yoga routines.

Body-Solid Tools Exercise Balls can be used to perform a variety of balance, core training, strength, flexibility and rehabilitation exercises that target the abdominal, hips, glutes, back and upper body. The benefits are endless. Increase your range of motion, strength and endurance. You can also take your stretching regime to the next level.

Body-Solid Tools Resistance Tubes are an excellent apparatus for completing full body workouts in less time. A lightweight design and versatility makes Body-Solid Resistance Tubes the perfect choice for many applications including strength training and rehabilitation.

The Body-Solid Tools Cable Speed Rope is designed with frictionless rotation for extreme cardio workouts. Speed ropes are great for cardio workouts and help increase agility and coordination.

The Body-Solid Tools Ab Wheel is the perfect tool to strengthen and tone your abs, shoulders, arms, and back. It features 2 wheels for added stability and comfortable plastic grips. It is so effective because it forces you to isolate the stomach and oblique muscles while you work out. This enables you to effectively develop and strengthen the stomach area. Simple, easy to use and compact.

Body-Solid Push-Up Bars will dramatically increase your strength, range of motion and turn an ordinary push-up into an explosive workout routine by using your bodyweight as resistance.

The Body-Solid Tools Yoga Mat provide a stable, non-slip surface for yoga, pilates, ground-based movements like push-ups and sit-ups as well as stretching.


An included workout guide contains hundreds of exercises for each of the nine products.

Lastly, the instructional DVD contains over 70 exercises grouped by both muscle group and equipment-specific. We’ve also put together a 30-minute all-in-one workout routine to maximize time and effectiveness using only the equipment provided in the Body-Solid Tools Core Essentials.

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