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One of the best aspects of Body-Solid’s activity on Instagram (@BodySolidFit / #BodySolid), is seeing new facilities come to life with Body-Solid products. Many times we’ll see the progression from purcashing the space, painting the walls to, of course, installing equipment and the eventual opening. It’s a cathartic experience for all of us who work at the company as we see how truly inspiring and important what we do is. The idea that a facility can choose to fill their new workout studio or gym with any fitness equipment but instead chooses Body-Solid gives us all a great sense of pride.

One such facility came to our attention last week — 19125 Fitness located at 3421 Richmond Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



Donnie, owner of 19125 Fitness was nice enough to give us a few minutes to discuss his opening of 19125 Fitness, why he chose Body-Solid products and what he’s most looking forward to as his facility begins its first week.

What was your inspiration for opening up your own facility?

I was renting a small one-on-one studio for about two and a half. The space could only fit two people at the same time. I started teaching outdoor boot camps in May, and people fell in love with them. I felt it only made sense to move to a bigger spot where I can I could help more people. The goal is to help bring health and fitness into as many lives as I possibly can!

What's your background in fitness?

I was a basketball player my whole life. From grade school until college I worked hard at it. Drills and games with all my free time. Once I got into college I fell in love with lifting. I went to NPTI, National Personal Training Institute, in Philadelphia and my love for it grew even more.

When choosing what products to place in your facility, what were your primary concerns?

My primary concern with choosing products is effectiveness. I want my clients to get the best results they can. Which is one of the reasons the Hexagon Rig by Body-Solid was a no brainer. Anything I come up with can be done on this rig.



We’ve seen many facilities choosing the Body-Solid Hexagon Rig lately, you mentioned it being a no-brainer and how anything you can come up with can be done on it, any other reasons why you chose the Rig to be such an important part of your facility?

I was sold on the Hexagon Rig as soon as Jack from Jackee Boyz showed me it. It was everything I needed for the gym inside one piece of equipment. It doesn't take up a huge amount of space and fits my gym perfect.



You mentioned Jack from Jackee Boyz, was that store where you purchased your equipment from?

I purchased all of my equipment through Jackee Boyz in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. He was great to deal with and helped me equip the gym with what would work best.

What's the one thing you look most forward to now that your facility is complete?

The thing I most look forward to is helping as many people as possible with their health. Philadelphia is one of the unhealthiest cities in the country. Living in a blue collar city, most people think family first, work second and health 7th. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that, but the healthier one is the more activities they can do with their families. The healthier someone is the easier their blue collar job will be. I want to show them that health and fitness is an essential part of life and still can be fun while challenging them.



Mats down, turf glued in place, dumbbells (5-100#) and plates (over 1,500#) in, TRX's (8 of them) set up, kettlebells (5-60# at least 2 of each), and much more all ready to be beat to shit so we can all reach our health and fitness goals! I'll be at the gym (3421 Richmond Sreet) from 11am till about 3pm today. Today is the final day to take advantage of our discount. After today, you can still sign up at any time. However, just keep in mind classes run all day. If you need to sign up come 10 minutes early to do so. Sign up today and save some money. WE ARE READY TO ROCK AND ROLL TOMORROW AT 6am!!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there!!! #19125fitness #EARNeverything #gym #gymlife #gymrat #fit #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #hardwork #workhard #work #train #training #trainhard #personaltrainer #philly #philadelphia #phillyfit #fitphilly #phillygram #whyilovephilly #visitphilly #portrichmond #fishtown #NOexcuses

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Thanks again to Donnie for his time and we wish him nothing but the best of luck with the new workout space and facility. If you’re in the Philadelphia area and looking for training, you can check out 19125 Fitness on Facebook at as well as Instagram @19125Fitness.

Donnie’s personal Instagram page can be found @donniewelte.

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