A Different Approach to Leg Day (Muscle & Fitness Hers)

Sick of the same old leg day routine? These tips from Muscle & Fitness Hers’ Alyssa Shaffer offer a different approach to the standard leg day using a machine you may already be using!

Instead of using free weights or barbells, S

“The cable machine gets a lot of love for working the upper body, but it can do a lot more than sculpt your shoulders, arms, back and chest”

Shaffer details a number of helpful movements to perform on any functional trainer including front squat, standing abduction, glute kickback, deadlift, hip bridge, suitcase squat, bulgarian split squat and finally, the overhead reverse lunge (w/ knee lift).

(c) Muscle & Fitness

(c) Muscle & Fitness

Most of the movements listed require some additional accessories like a long bar or ankle strap, often standard accessories with most high-end cable crossover machines.

Combined this alternative leg day cable crossover/functional trainer routine works glutes, quads, outer thighs, hamstrings, calves and core.

That’s a good leg day, wouldn’t you say?

Wrap Up

View the full routine at muscleandfitness.com/muscle-fitness-hers/hers-workouts/one-machine-leg-day-workout.

For more information on Body-Solid cable crossover/function trainers, visit bodysolid.com/Home/Gym_Systems/Functional_Trainers. Body-Solid also offers an easy-to-use functional trainer comparison guide to help you find the perfect trainer to fit their exact needs and specifications. You can view the comparison chart at bodysolid.com/media/compare-charts/crossovers.html.

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