The Body Building (Clovis, California)

Located just six and a half miles northwest of downtown Fresno in Clovis, California is a revolutionary workout space unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

The Body Building is one of the first-ever, full body management facilities blending physical training, cryotherapy, nutrition, chromotherapy, massage and chiropractic into one robust facility.

The Body Building (Clovis, CA)

The Body Building (Clovis, CA)

The Body Building (Clovis, CA)

The Body Building (Clovis, CA)

Opened just over a month ago (July 8, 2017), The Body Building—located at 427 W. Nees Avenue in Clovis, California, lives by their motto: “Recover your body. Recover your life.” Their current customer base ranges from the elderly to those wanting to lose weight all the way to elite athletes. The Body Building boasts a staff of two full-time employees and five independent contractors with specialities in the wide-range of services offered at the facility.

Recently, The Body Building worked with Body-Solid dealer to purchase several new pieces for their facility including the SCB1000 Counter Balanced Smith Machine, the GCEC-STK Leg Curl/Leg Extension, SFID325/SIB359/SFB349 benches and the SDIB370 Bench Rack combo.

The Body Building (Clovis, CA)

The Body Building (Clovis, CA)

“We have been pleased with all the Body-Solid equipment.” – The Body Building

Future plans for The Body Building include becoming a contributing member of local charities, giving back to the community and overall, helping everyone they can. To learn more about The Body Building and the service they offer, visit them at You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To see what Body-Solid can do for your facility, visit us at, email or call us at 800-833-1227.

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