From Denmark to Indy: The Story of Cole Fitness

Adam Cole—owner and sole employee of Cole Fitness in Indianapolis, Indiana—has led quite the life. In 1998, while a member of the United States Air Force, Cole trained a small team of people (himself included) to ride the Multiple Sclerosis 150-mile charity bike ride. Little did Cole know that experience of training people who give him a new path in life.

Adam Cole (Cole Fitness - Indianapolis, Indiana)

Adam Cole (Cole Fitness – Indianapolis, Indiana)

“I knew from then on that I wanted to somehow pursue athletics and nutrition as a career.” said Cole. “I began weight training at the age of 16 and have pretty much continuously lifted weights since then, but the last 5 years I have really enjoyed lifting weights as a sport in itself. I love powerlifting and I would like to eventually give strongman competitions a try.”

After leaving the US Air Force, Cole moved to Aarhus, Denmark and started his degree in Global Health and Nutrition at VIA University.

“While working on my degree I started personal training.” said Cole. “I knew from my first session with my very first client that I had made the right choice with my career path.”

Cole then started his first personal training business—Yankee Training—in Denmark in 2009. By 2015, Cole and his family moved back to the United States and settled in the Circle City, Indianapolis, Indiana. In May of 2015, Cole took the next step in his career, starting Cole Fitness. The initial idea was for Cole to be a traveling personal trainer.

“Being a traveling personal training quickly took a toll on me physically and mentally,” said Cole of his decision to pivot to a training studio in the fall of 2016.

Last month, Cole built out an external building located on his property and that has become the new hub of Cole Fitness.

Cole Fitness’ client-base features adults of all ages with concentrations primarily on weight loss and general fitness, but that’s not exclusive. “I currently have clients ranging in age from 20 to 65 but I am also currently training three powerlifters and have trained Kettlebell Sport athletes,” said Cole. “Everyone is different, has different goals, and enjoys different types of training and I understand that so with Cole Fitness I do my best to make each client’s training especially geared towards them and their specific needs.”

Cole Fitness - Indianapolis, Indiana

Cole Fitness – Indianapolis, Indiana

The key with any personal training studio is of course the trainers and Cole has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health in Fitness, a personal training certification from VIA University and he is also WKC Certified and a Keta Level 1 Coach. You’ll also need the right equipment to train people and that’s when Cole found Body-Solid.

Working with Body-Solid dealer, Cole purchased a several of Body-Solid products including the 25th Anniversary Body-Solid Olympic Barbell, Body-Solid Weight Trees, Body-Solid’s Endurance FB300 Fan Bike, numerous Body-Solid Muscle Clamps and an assortment of barbells, dumbbells and weight plates.

Cole Fitness - Indianapolis, Indiana

Cole Fitness – Indianapolis, Indiana

“When buying equipment, the most important factors I look for is durability,” said Cole. “I want to make sure that the equipment that I purchase is going to be around and functional for a long time. It is also important for me to buy equipment that is versatile.”

So far so good for Cole and his Body-Solid equipment, particularly the FB300 Fan Bike which has given Cole more than expected.

“I have nothing but great things to say about my Body Solid equipment,” said Cole. “I especially love my Endurance Fan Bike, it’s an awesome way to give my clients and I a quick, brutal, interval training session. I love the fact that I can, with a push of a button, set a 10/20 interval session of 8 rounds for a client and give them a quick, effective cardio workout!”

Cole Fitness - Indianapolis, Indiana

Cole Fitness – Indianapolis, Indiana

Cole was also complimentary of Body-Solid’s 25th Anniversary Bar and Body-Solid Muscle Clamps:

“I’m also completely in love with my 25th Anniversary barbell. It looks awesome with the red paint and also the knurling is perfect for Olympic lifts.”

“The Body-Solid Muscle Clamps are super convenient and easy to use, which is why I have numerous pairs. It’s nice to have reliable collars that are easy for my clients to use.”

Cole Fitness - Indianapolis, Indiana

Cole Fitness – Indianapolis, Indiana

Cole would also praise Body-Solid dealer, referring to them as “an awesome company to buy equipment from.”

What does the future hold for Cole Fitness?

Cole wants to keep it simple by continuing to provide a safe, effective environment for people to achieve their goals. “I would like to have Cole Fitness become a place that people seek out for strongman, powerlifting and strength training,” said Cole. “I love what I do and my passion continues to grow daily for strength training.”

For more information on Cole Fitness visit them online at, call (812) 262-4350 or visit his facility at 7701 E 75TH ST in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can also follow Cole Fitness on Facebook at

To learn more about Body-Solid and what we can do for your facility, visit us at, call 800-833-1227 or email

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