Iron Necklace Fitness (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Some people pursue fitness to look better with their shirt off or at the beach, some want to live healthier lives, some do it for competition, we all have our reasons but David Iron Necklace—owner of Iron Necklace Fitness in Minneapolis, Minnesota—pursued it for a much more important reason.

“I lost 76 lbs. in preparation for being a donor in a living liver transplant for my cousin” said Iron Necklace, who opened his training studio in 2017. “She unfortunately passed away but I continued to pursue my passion and share it with others in her honor.”

Iron Necklace, a former manager at Anytime Fitness, opened his own studio last year and is currently a one-man show keeping busy managing the facility and training clients.

Clients at Iron Necklace Fitness range from previously obese to skinny to young to fit to unfit.

“My goal with any of my clientele is to have them become as passionate about fitness and health as I am myself,” said Iron Necklace.

Iron Necklace’s facility features a number of Body-Solid products including a GLM83 Lat Machine, power rack, curl bar, straight bar, weight plate tree and more.

Iron Necklace Fitness (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Iron Necklace Fitness (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Iron Necklace Fitness (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Iron Necklace Fitness (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Iron Necklace is hopefully the first of many gyms for Iron Necklace as his plans reach far beyond the walls of his facility. “My future plans for Iron Necklace Fitness would be for it to grow to a point where I can build gyms where they would help the community like my reservation,” said Iron Necklace.

“I’m Native American from Yankton South Dakota and I know that when you care about your body your more cognitive about what you put into it. If I can get the youth to care about fitness and health then maybe that can be a deterrent to them drinking alcohol or doing drugs.”

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