Customer Story: Danny Dunlap

Body-Solid’s company motto is Built for Life.

It’s not just a motto, though.

“Built for Life” is the basis for everything we do at Body-Solid.

The goal of each Body-Solid product that leaves our facility is that it can benefit the person receiving it for as long as they want it to. This customer story from Danny Dunlap is a great example of what we strive for each day at Body-Solid.

Danny reached out with this great story of his childhood Body-Solid MPR-80 Smith Machine and FID30A Weight Bench—both items well over 20 years old at this point. Danny’s father purchased the equipment at Sports Authority (RIP) in Central Florida when Danny was just seven years old.

Both Danny and his brother grew up working on the equipment.

Eventually, Danny and his brother grew up, moved out but his dad kept the equipment and moved it between a few different houses continuing to use the equipment day after day, month after month, year after year.

Just a few weeks ago, Danny’s father was moving again and without Danny’s knowledge, was going to sell the equipment on Craigslist.

Danny—feeling nostalgic for the equipment he used as a child—flew across the country to stop his father from selling the equipment.

Danny then drove all of the equipment back from Florida to his current home in Colorado.

“This equipment has served my family for 20ish years now,” said Dunlap. “I don’t see it leaving my humble farmhouse basement gym anytime in the near future. Thank you for making some great products and I hope you enjoyed my little story.”

We did Danny, we definitely did.

Thank you for sharing it!

Author: Body-Solid

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