Body-Solid at HomeGymCon (April 26-27)

Body-Solid will join other fitness retailers, influencers, and home gym enthusiasts at the second annual HomeGymCon in French Lick, Indiana on April 26-27.

“Immerse yourself in the world of home gyms at HomeGymCon, where you’ll uncover cutting-edge equipment, forge connections with fellow enthusiasts, and unlock irresistible deals.”

Here’s a look at the products we’ll be bringing to HomeGymCon:

Pro Clubline SPR1000 Power Rack w/ Extension: We’ll have our full-commercial power rack in the house with several popular attachments for the SPR1000, including a Monolift, Belt Squat Attachment, Plyo Step, Multi-Grip Chin-Up, T-Bar Row, U-Link, Band Pegs, Vertical Bar Storage, Spotter Stands, Strap Safeties, Hip Thruster, and more.

Body-Solid GPRFTS Functional Trainer Power Rack Attachment: Attached to our GPR400 will be one of our most exciting new products, a functional trainer power rack attachment that adds a ton of new functionality to existing power racks. 

Body-Solid GPR400 Power RackThis is a power rack with a height under 80″, ideal for space-constrained basements and garages. We’ll have several attachments for the GPR400, including Dip Handles, Multi-Grip Chin-Up, T-bar row, U-link, Weight Horns, and more. Reviewed by Jake/GarageGymExperiement:

Body-Solid Landmines (Club Grip, Single Eyelet, Plate Pivot)our full suite of landmine attachments.

Body-Solid GCLP100 Compact Leg Press: a compact leg press getting rave reviews. Recently reviewed by ShreddedDad:

Endurance R300 Rower: our answer to the popular rowers in the marketplace right now. Reviewed by Adam of GarageGymLab:

Bars, Bars, BarsWe’ll have a massive selection of our barbells and specialty bars at HomeGymCon, including our new Fat Grip Olympic Bar, Safety Squat Bar, Multi-Grip/Swiss Bar, Open Trap Bar, Fat Curl Bar, and more. 

Weights, Kettlebells, Accessories & more: We’ll have a HUGE lineup of free weights, kettlebells, and additional accessories with us at the show too including grip trainers, bar stands, plate wedges, loading pins, resistance bands and tubes, bumper plates, dumbbells, slam balls, medicine balls, and so much more. 

Body-Solid Strength Training Clock: One of Body-Solid’s most iconic products, this clock is shaped like a weight plate. It has been a best seller for decades!

For more information about HomeGymCon, visit their official website at and purchase tickets to the event at

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