FitnessHealth101 Rates Body-Solid Top 5 For Exercise Bikes

Health and fitness resource website Fitness Health 101 rated Body-Solid Exercise Bikes Top 5 citing both upright and recumbent styles, an industry-leading lifetime warranty and high-quality construction as primary reasons for the ranking.

Body-Solid B5U Endurance Upright BikeFitnessHealth101 rated Body-Solid Exercise Bikes 9+ (out of 10) in the categories of technology, features, quality, customer support, warranty, parts & service and cost.

“All Body-Solid Endurance exercise bikes include several user features and options that are designed to improve workout efficiency and comfort. In addition, Body-Solid Endurance exercise bikes are available in both upright and recumbent styles, and are self-contained in that they do not require an external electrical supply.”

Among the exercise bikes rated were the ESB150 and ESB250 Endurance Indoor Exercise Bikes, Endurance B2R Recumbent Bike, B2U Upright Bike, the B5R Recumbent Bike and the B5U Upright Bike.

Body-Solid exercise bikes received an overall rating of 9.29/10 from the website with a closing recommendation to individual seeking exercise bikes to provide years of user and an effective workout “Body-Solid is well worth considering.” To read more of FitnessHealth101’s exercise bike reviews, visit

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