10 Subtle Body Changes When You Start Lifting Weights (MSN)

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“I work with many women that are truly apprehensive about stepping into the ‘men’s’ part of the gym.They have been on the outskirts of the cardio machines, or may have taken aerobic classes, but they have been afraid to check out the barbells and dumbbells.” -Julie Lohre (FitBody.com

Our friends at MSN & Reader’s Digest recently released a list of 10 subtle body changes you can expect to see once you start lifting weights. We’ll cover the 10 changes in this blog and include some details but please do check out the full post at MSN.com for additional details, information and quotes.

Your Bones Will Get Stronger

Forget the milk. Lifting and weight bearing exercise builds bone density far more efficiently than any dairy intake.

You Will Not Bulk Up

“Many women are concerned that training or lifting heavy weights will cause them to become masculine looking and to gain significant amount of muscle and that is simply not the case.” -Julie Lohre (FitBody.com

Gym veterans know this tip but for our newbies: vary your exercises and choose a weight that you can safely handle. This will help you become strong and defined and avoid any undesired bulk.

You’ll Fire Up Your Metabolism

Muscle burns more than double the amount of calories than fat while you body is at rest.  Additional muscle on your body will actually help you burn more fat while you sleep. Not bad!

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You’ll Age A Little Easier

This one speaks for itself. Stronger bones, faster metabolism, muscle mass maintenance and lowered stress levels will all help you age much more gracefully.

You’ll Improve in Other Areas of Fitness

Start lifting weights and you’ll notice quickly that your flexibility, speed, explosiveness and much more will improve. Even those who stick with cardio will see an increase in endurance and a number of other fitness-related benefits.

You Will Sleep Better

We all want better sleep but once you start lifting you’ll notice a change immediately.

You’ll Have More Energy for Everyday Life

“The right strength training helps prepare your body for the vigor of everyday life. Playing with your kids, lifting boxes onto shelves, hiking through the woods, and climbing stairs without getting out of breath are just a few of the things you’ll find easier to do.” -Julie Lohre (FitBody.com)

Your Confidence Will Sky Rocket 

Those who are gym regulars will attest to this but there’s nothing that triggers self-confidence like a great gym session. Not only will you benefit from setting a plan and conquering it, you’ll learn more about yourself and your body through the power of a great workout.

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Your Overall Health Will Improve

This one is obvious but needs to be reiterated. You’ll be stronger, faster, feel better, your bones will be healthier, you’ll sleep better, you’ll have more energy and so on and so forth…


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