36E Fitness (Bethlehem, PA)

We all dream big. But how many of us actually act on those dreams. Luckily, for the citizens of Bethlehem, PA (located roughly an hour north of Philadelphia), Evan Robinson pursued that dream, opening 36E Fitness earlier this year.

Bethlehem is the former home of Bethlehem Steel, one of the largest steel producing and shipbuilding companies in the world until 2003. It’s also home to the world-renowned Lehigh University—honored as one of the Top 50 colleges in America by U.S News & World Report—and was also the former home of professional wrestler and hollywood/fitness icon Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

On January 5, 2017, Bethlehem became home to 36E Fitness, located at 559 Main Street in downtown Bethlehem. The man behind 36E Fitness is the aforementioned Evan Robinson, an ISSA certified personal trainer with experience at a number of gyms including Maxx Fitness and Gold’s Gym. It was during those previous jobs that Robinson discovered his calling and decide to pursue his passion and his dreams.

The result—36E Fitness—is beautiful facility with a premiere location in the heart of a thriving downtown.


36E Fitness (Bethlehem, PA)

The process of starting a new facility is no easy task with acquiring the perfect equipment being among the hardest tasks. Robinson found solace in Body-Solid’s wide array of equipment and outfitted 36E Fitness with a Body-Solid Dip Station, leverage row, seated leg curl/leg extension, dumbbells, weight plates, weight trees and a number of other Body-Solid accessories.


36E Fitness (Bethlehem, PA)


36E Fitness (Bethlehem, PA)

Robinson and his clients lauded Body-Solid products for their simplicity—easy-to-use for both novice and experienced athletes—as well as their reliability.

As far as 36E Fitness, sky’s the limit.

Future plans are to build another 36E Fitness and focus primarily on leverage machines and dumbbells as an alternative to the current facility. For now, Robinson is focused on his flagship location and his ever-growing list of clients.

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