Never Surrender, Never Give Up: Body-Solid Featured in March Spartan Carton

Subscribers to the Spartan Carton—a monthly delivery service offering a package of workout supplements, nutritional snacks, workout plans and equipment—will get a treat this month as Body-Solid Cannonball Grips was included in March’s box.

Spartan Carton is a monthly delivery service similar to LootCrate, Birchbox, Dollar Shave Club and many more. Subscribers pay a monthly fee and receive a random collection of items, in Spartan Carton’s case each item is geared specifically to the fitness enthusiast.

Spartan Carton (March) 

Alongside Body-Solid’s Cannonball Grips, March Spartan Carton recipients received an assortment of workout supplements, snacks and gear including:

  • Glukos Energy Gummies
  • Pickle Ice
  • Glukos Energy Gel
  • Smash Pack (Berry)
  • CH Alpha Joint Health
  • Fit Crunch Brownie Bar
  • One Bar Maple Glazed Donut Bar
  • Swiss Tech – Carabiner Folding Knife
  • 100 Deadly Skills – Survival Edition Book
  • Harbinger Dip Belt

Body-Solid Cannonball Grips

The highlight of the March Spartan Carton are Body-Solid’s Cannonball Grips. These high-quality grips have an MSRP of $29, making them a tremendous Carton value. Cannonball Grips are helpful tools to increase grip strength, an often overlooked aspect of strength training. Versatility is also key with the SR-CB Cannonball Grips as users can attach them to a pull-up bar to perform pull-ups and chin-ups or place them on dumbbells and barbells to perform lifts.

Body-Solid Cannonball Grips feature a non-slip matte red paint finish and a strong adjustable nylon strap to fit any of the aforementioned bar or dumbbell.

Body-Solid & Spartan Carton Future

February and March were the first two months Body-Solid equipment appeared in the monthly subscription service but plans are underway for Body-Solid to be an ongoing part of Spartan Carton deliveries moving forward.

For more information or to sign up for Spartan Carton, visit

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