The Iron Shop (Greenville, Texas): It All Began on an Index Card

It all began on an index card…

It was during a lunch break that Zachery Nichols’ sketched out his ideal personal training facility. He balled that piece of paper up and put it into his BCAAs. Each day when he’d take his supplements he was reminded of that dream. Anytime he needed a pick me up, a reminder of the ultimate goal — he’d see that piece of paper, that sketch and that dream.

All started on a lunch break on a index card! I’ve kept this in the BCAAs I was taking back in November, I would roll it up and use it to dump it in my water bottle every day. I was reminded by my vision every day or if I was slacking in the weight room or life in general I’d start back on my BCAAs and then I was reminded by this piece of paper to get back on track. Such a small piece of paper and a huge idea. I’m glad to say I have one Bay Area and entrance ! But you never get anywhere in life being complacent ! I want the whole 3 bays. So that’s my goal! I’ve got it set! Let the long but rewarding race begin! What’s your goals guys ?!? Think it over and set it !! TODAY you can always start NOW. Let’s kill it together !!!! #theironshop #ironshop #weights #personaltrainer #personaltraining #stayfocused #stayfocused #healthiswealth #dreams #goals #set #foodforthought #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fit #fitnessjourney #businessjourney #gogetit #dreambig #health #gym #l4l #bcaa #motivation #motivated #work #bodysolid

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In May 2017, that dream became a fully-formed reality as Nichols’ officially opened The Iron Shop in Greenville, Texas.

The Iron Shop (Greenville, Texas)

The Iron Shop (Greenville, Texas)

Fitness is nothing new for Nichols who is a ISSA certified personal training with over 11 years of experience in weightlifting. Nichols also has a past history of training and sports including both football and track. This blended approach has helped Nichols attract a wide and varied client base.

“That’s the great thing about The Iron Shop, we aren’t limited to anyone, age or gender.” said Nichols. “We have visitors who’ve never touched a weight to college football players about to enter the NFL draft.”

The Iron Shop (Greenville, Texas)

The Iron Shop (Greenville, Texas)

The Iron Shop doesn’t specialize in any one particular area of fitness but rather fits into their clients’ exact needs including weight loss, muscle gain, healthier lifestyles, athletic performance, increase of strength/speed and much more. “There’s not much we don’t cover on this end,” said Nichols of The Iron Shop’s ability to work in so many different specialties.

Finding the Right Equipment

When opening The Iron Shop, Nichols was looking for equipment that could be as versatile as his training style. That’s when he found and Body-Solid.

Nichols and The Iron Shop purchased Body-Solid’s SPR1000DB Commercial Power Rack Package as well as Body-Solid’s GLPH1100 Leg Press/Hack Squat machine.

The Iron Shop (Greenville, Texas)

The Iron Shop (Greenville, Texas)

“We chose the two pieces simply because they were the most sturdy and durable items of that nature on the market,” said Nichols of his decision to go with Body-Solid products for his facility. “With a lot of research we narrowed it down and Body-Solid was always at the top of the list.”

So far the feedback from his clients have been nothing but positive.

“The (GLPH1100) is by far the easiest and most comfortable leg machine I have used and my clients all feel the same,” said Nichols. The SPR1000DB, which features two SPR1000 Power Racks bridged by monkey bars has given The Iron Shop unmatched workout versatility, “unbelievable… it comes with so many features and accessories to add on — you can’t beat it.”

The Iron Shop (Greenville, Texas)

The Iron Shop (Greenville, Texas)

The Future

Though still in the first few months of operation, Zachery hasn’t stopped dreaming. His long term goal for The Iron Shop includes expansion and he hopes to get it done within the next year. However, no matter what changes to the facility, he never wants to lose sight of The Iron Shop’s purpose or his reason for pursuing the dream.

“We will always stay true to the reasons we opened in the first place,” said Nichols. “The ultimate goal is to satisfy the client, we want to be as open and approachable as possible—no judging, only results—we want to find your strengths, your weaknesses and together make a goal and crush it together!”

To learn more about The Iron Shop, visit them on Facebook ( or if you’re in the North Texas-area and want to see the facility for yourself, you can visit them at 1495 Rees St. Greenville, Texas, TX 75401.

If you’d like to see what Body-Solid can do for you or your facility, visit us at, call (800) 833-1227 or email today!

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