Chicago Is Work: New Power Bar Honors Body-Solid’s Chicago Roots

“Hollywood is hype, New York is talk, Chicago is work.”

The quote above—from actor Michael Douglas—personifies everything that makes citizens of Chicago proud.

Flag of Chicago, Illinois.svg

The city and its millions of residents pride themselves on their tremendous work ethic, blue collar mentality and resilience in the face of adversity.

That resilience and toughness is represented in the city’s iconic four star flag.

Each star of the flag represents historical events that shaped the city of Chicago including the Great Chicago Fire, a disaster the levelled the city to mere rubble.

When Body-Solid wanted to create an olympic bar that could properly represent the City of Chicago and honor Body-Solid’s routes in Chicago (the company was formed there in 1989). The iconic “four stars” was a no brainer.

This led to the creation of Body-Solid’s 4-Star Power Bar (OB864STAR).

The Body-Solid 4 Star Power Bar is precision engineered in the United States and made from special high-strength, stress-proof alloy steel. The bar was assembled with a durable interior snap ring alongside 16.5″ sleeve length and a wide 28.75mm diameter.

If you’re not sure what that all means, don’t worry, it means the Body-Solid 4 Star Power Bar can withstand even the strongest of workouts.

The OB864STAR features a robust 1,500 lb. weight capacity and weighs only 44 lbs. The bar also features a sleek black oxide finish ensuring it looks as good as it works.

Power hash and center knurling on the Body-Solid 4 Star Power Bar makes it an ideal option for all olympic lifting.

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