Body Blueprint (Bloomington, Illinois)

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt 

The above quote from Eleanor Roosevelt sums up Vanessa Sobin and Bloomington, Illinois’ Body Blueprint. Sobin—a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute in 2010—opened her beautiful new facility in early December 2017 and is already looking at a big future.

“I want Body Blueprint to become the best personal training studio, known in Central Illinois for aiding people into moving better and challenging them out of their comfort zone,” said Sobin. “Whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally.”

Sobin is—as mentioned—a graduate of the NPTI (2010) and has an extensive background in fitness. In recent years she’s worked with numerous athletes including Illinois Central College Women’s Basketball and Volleyball teams as well as work with physical therapists and occupational therapists throughout the year. In 2012, Sobin became a hardstyle kettlebell instructor, in 2013 a Square 1 Motor Control Restoration Specialist and finally in 2014 a Precision Nutrition Coach.

“I am the only Square 1 Specialist in Central Illinois,” said Sobin. “My approach with clients is to restore optimal movement by eliminating faulty movement patterns.”

Trying to generalize Body Blueprint‘s client base would be impossible as Sobin and the facility train a varied group.

“From working with clients and communicating with their physical therapists to preparing clients for softball, football, track and field, Spartan Runs, rehab, weight loss or strength, I genuinely train all kinds of clients,” said Sobin.

Body Blueprint is appointment-only so there is total and complete privacy and no interruptions during a client’s session. This help Sobin focus on the individual or small group (up to four at a time) and help carefully craft the proper program and workouts to maximize results.

Sobin also provides each client with a Blueprint Binder Book with workout plans and nutrition coaching.

When searching for equipment to fill her brand-new facility just across from Tipton Park and the famous Central Illinois Constitution bike and running trail, Sobin sought out an old friend: Dave Erber of Fitness Factory in Aurora, Illinois.

Sobin and Erber went back many years and she knew to find the best deals and the best customer service, Erber was the man to call.

“(Erber) was very quick to assist me in anything I ever needed and always looked out for my best interest.” said Sobin. “He has even taken a personal trip down to Bloomington to make sure my equipment was sound and ready to use.”

Sobin worked with Erber and the team at Fitness Factory to build a beautiful facility featuring a number of Body-Solid products highlighted by the Body-Solid Hexagon Pro Rig.

“I wanted equipment that had a multi-purpose use for the wide variety of clientele I get,” said Sobin. “But unique and challenging definitely played a role.”

It’s hard to get more unique or challenging than Body-Solid’s Hexagon Rig. Sobin added numerous attachments and accessories to her rig set including cannonball grips, monkey bars, flying pull up, multi-grip pull up, double pull up, plyo box and more.

Body Blueprint (Bloomington, Illinois)

Body Blueprint (Bloomington, Illinois)

Body Blueprint (Bloomington, Illinois)

Body Blueprint (Bloomington, Illinois)

Body Blueprint (Bloomington, Illinois)

Body Blueprint (Bloomington, Illinois)

As for her experience working with Body-Solid dealer Fitness Factory: “Always friendly, upbeat, taken seriously, helped right away,” said Sobin. “I enjoy my trips into Fitness Factory…there is always some new piece to try and (Dave Erber) does a great job on working out appropriate pricing.”

Additional Body-Solid equipment Sobin added to Body Blueprint includes the SPR1000BACK Power Rack, GVKR60 Vertical Knee Raise as well as rubber-coated dumbbells, kettlebells and more.

Body Blueprint (Bloomington, Illinois)

Body Blueprint (Bloomington, Illinois)

Body Blueprint (Bloomington, Illinois)

Body Blueprint (Bloomington, Illinois)

If you’re in the Central Illinois location and want to see what Body Blueprint has to offer visit them at 2601 General Electric Road Bloomington, Illinois. You can also follow Body Blueprint on Facebook at

Find out more about Fitness Factory at and Fitness Factory (Aurora, Illinois) at

To learn more about Body-Solid and see what it can do for your facility, visit us at or call (800) 833-1227.

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