Chris Lee (Powerlifter)

Body-Solid is global.

Our equipment is used in gyms, training facilities and homes across the globe. Earlier this week, we had the chance to learn about Chris Lee, a powerlifter based in Farm in Creighton, KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) who has an entire gym stocked with Body-Solid equipment.

Chris Lee (South Africa)

Chris Lee (South Africa)

Lee is a powerlifter based in South Africa and he’s currently a member of two powerlifting teams: OTG (Off The Grid) and the Rhino Powerlifting Club.

Chris Lee (South Africa)

Chris Lee (South Africa)

“All of my equipment is Body-Solid,” said Lee. “I’ve found body solid to be very good value for money and has helped me immensely with my training especially when I’m hitting those big weights.”

Chris Lee (South Africa)

Chris Lee (South Africa)

Lee purchased his Body-Solid equipment for one of our former dealers in Cape Town, South Africa: Fitnessworld.

Today, Fitness Breakthru is our primary dealer in the region.

A competitive powerlifter in South Africa, Lee just a few weeks ago placed 4th in 100kg class at nationals with a total number of 595kg.

Chris Lee (South Africa)

Chris Lee (South Africa)

Next year, Lee hopes to qualify for the World Championships and hopes Body-Solid equipment can help him get there.

Currently, Lee’s favorite Body-Solid equipment is our GPR370 Multi-Press Rack.

“I love the squat rack, “said Lee. “There’s so much you can do with it!”

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