Boom Flex Fitness (San Antonio, Texas)

Boom Flex Fitness (San Antonio, Texas)

Boom Flex Fitness (San Antonio, Texas)

Located just 15 miles northwest of the famed Alamo in San Antonio, Texas is Boom Flex Fitness, the facility had a soft opening in February 2018 but officially opened for business in May 2018.

“Boom Flex Fitness specializes in weight loss, 101 lifting, contest prep, bulking, custom meal planning and competition,” said Alvarez.

Boom Flex Fitness is located Northwest of downtown San Antonio in an area that’s growing by the day.

“We chose this location in San Antonio for numerous reasons,” said Alvarez. “It’s near the medical center and there’s a lot of economic growth in the area.”

Boom Flex Fitness came to our attention thanks to Body-Solid dealer Rock Solid Fitness who sold Alvarez and Boom Flex Fitness several Body-Solid pieces for the new facility.

“We wanted Body-Solid equipment for our facility because of the quality and reputation of the brand,” said Alvarez.

Boom Flex Fitness features Body-Solid’s GWS100 Weight Sled, Body-Solid’s SFB349G Bench, a set of Body-Solid Medicine Balls, kettlebells, iron hex dumbbell sets, color bumper plates and more.

Learn more about Boom Flex Fitness by following them on Instagram @boomflexfitness or liking their page on Facebook at To see what Body-Solid can do for your gym or facility, visit us at or call (800) 833-1227.

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