FitMod! Personal Training and Fitness Studio (Milan, Michigan)

FitMod! Personal Training and Fitness Studio is located in Milan, Michigan—a small, close-knit community just 15 miles south of Ann Arbor, Michigan and the home of University of Michigan.

Founded by Timilee Vaughn in January 2017, FitMod! has experienced tremendous growth in the last year and a half as they continue to be a vital part of the growing town.

“I started off in a very small  800 sq. foot location with some basic equipment from Body-Solid,” said Vaughn, who worked with Body-Solid dealer Exercise Warehouse. “The next thing I knew, we blew up!”

Six months after her initial opening, Vaughn moved FitMod to their current location nestled in beautiful downtown Milan.

FitMod! (Milan, Michigan)

FitMod! (Milan, Michigan)

Vaughn’s history in fitness began as a competitive powerlifter under the tutelage of a man named Butch Thomas. Unfortunately, Thomas passed away before FitMod! opened their doors but his memory is etched into the bricks of FitMod!’s studio.

“(Thomas) was my mentor and trained,” said Vaughn. “He pushed me the same way I push my clients today.”

Vaughn also has an extensive history in social work and currently holds NASM Personal Training certifications for both women’s health and weight loss.

FitMod! specializes in personal training but offers a strong emphasis on mental strength as well.

“We believe in that one-on-one connection to help people learn their strength inside and out,” said Vaughn. “We hold different classes like “Stress Less” and “Back to Yourself” that teaches mindfulness, stress reduction and power within.”

FitMod (Milan, Michigan)

FitMod (Milan, Michigan)

Vaughn believes clients at FitMod! can’t have fitness and strength on the outside if they also don’t have it on the inside.

In addition, FitMod! offers classes like Yoga, Cize Live, TurboKick Live, Zumba, PIYO Live as well as a strength training-focused circuit class. Recently, FitMod! became an official Weight Watchers location as well.

FitMod (Milan, Michigan)

FitMod (Milan, Michigan)

“We focus on simplicity,” said Vaughn. “I believe that complicated workouts make people fail, so we keep it simple: you lift, you train hard and focus on strength inside and out.”

When deciding on the right strength and fitness equipment for FitMod!, Vaughn focused primarily on quality and durability.

“I wanted a name that mattered,” said Vaughn. “Body-Solid had a reputation that I could respect.”

As mentioned, Vaughn and FitMod! worked with Ann Arbor-based Body-Solid dealer Exercise Warehouse to purchase and install the equipment inside her studio.

“I couldn’t have opened without them,” said Vaughn. “They are extremely passionate about what they do and they are the most knowledgeable guys around.”

FitMod! has no shortage of Body-Solid equipment in their facility including the SMR1000 Multi-Squat, GVKR60 Vertical Knee Raise & Dip Station, weight plates, benches, dumbbells, kettlebells, plyo boxes and more.

FitMod (Milan, Michigan)

FitMod (Milan, Michigan

FitMod (Milan, Michigan)

FitMod (Milan, Michigan)

FitMod (Milan, Michigan)

FitMod (Milan, Michigan)

FitMod! will continue to be an important part of the Milan community as Vaughn is on the board for “Moving Milan Forward” and was precise in her selection of a centrally-located downtown storefront.

“I want a healthier community,” said Vaughn. “I want people to believe that they can do things they never thought possible. I want the average man or woman to know what it feels like to pick up something heavy, feel their heart pounding and know that they did that!”

FitMod! prides itself on being different than the box gym now and in the future.

“This isn’t a place of glamour,” said Vaughn. “This is a place where you get raw — if I can change one person to grow inside and out, then I know I am doing something right.”

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