LifeFlex Gym (1999)

As Body-Solid draws closer to our 30th year in business, we’ve been receiving photos and messages from customers across the world who have owned our equipment for multiple decades. Recently, we were sent a photo from Doug Kaufman who showed us an original Body-Solid LifeFlex Gym.

The LifeFlex Gym was a Sears-exclusive Body-Solid home gym designed with space in mind. The announcement of the LifeFlex Gym described the gym:

“It’s Hot. It’s Smooth. It’s Brilliant. And it’s very compact. The LifeFlex Gym is a machine designed to satisfy the most demanding fitness enthusiast in the smallest space possible.”

Body-Solid LifeFlex Gym

Body-Solid LifeFlex Gym

Body-Solid LifeFlex Gym

Body-Solid LifeFlex Gym

For Kaufman, that space-saving design was the key to his purchase in 1999.

“I lived in an apartment that had a low ceiling,” said Kaufman. “(The LifeFlex Gym) was the most complete system I could find that had a low height.”

The gym has moved with Kaufman three different times and now sits in his home in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

Today, Kaufman still finds a benefit from his LifeFlex Gym thanks in large part to the design of the machine nearly 20 years ago.

“The gym lends itself to circuit training in an extremely effective way,” said Kaufman. “Without any adjusting, I can go from dips to lat pulldowns to leg press to calf raises.”

In 20 minutes, Kaufman says, he can do a full body workout that gives him an edge over all of his workout buddies. Best of all, through three moves and 19 years of steady work, Kaufman’s LifeFlex Gym is still going strong.

Body-Solid LifeFlex Gym

Body-Solid LifeFlex Gym

“The thing I like most about the gym is that it has lasted so long,” said Kaufman. “Also, it consistently provides me with the resistance exercises I use to raise me to a higher performance level in all the activities I do.”

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  1. I was recently given this machine. It is Solid!
    Do you have any videos of the variety of exercises I can perform??
    Much thanks.

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  2. I have this machine as well and am trying to find the exercise example book – just a scan/pdf of it.

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