Former Pennsylvania State Police Trooper David Hatfield Shows Off Body-Solid Gym

David Hatfield is a fitness advocate and former Pennsylvania State Police Trooper. During his tenure as a member of the Pennsylvania State Police, he maintained a high level of fitness and was also a member of the Department’s fitness testing program.

“I was a fitness coordinator for annual testing of enlisted members,” said Hatfield. “I was also “Fit Force” certified, which was the program standard the department used to test candidates for entry into the State Police Academy.”

In addition to that, he served four years as a PT/Use of Force/Police Tactics Instructor at the State Police Academy.

It was during his time as a State Trooper that he first discovered Body-Solid.

“In the 80’s, with my varied work hours, there were not a lot of local gyms that were open 24/7.” said Hatfield. “As a result, I decided to build my own home gym.”

Once fellow Troopers saw what he had built, they wanted in.

David Hatfield

David Hatfield

“Once others knew about my gym they wanted me to put them in touch with Body-Solid,” said Hatfield. “Many were buying equipment for themselves but others were building out facilities at their duty stations.”

Today, he still uses his equipment daily and many of his Body-Solid pieces have stayed strong for well over 20 years.

“I purchased most of my Body-Solid equipment in the mid-80’s,” said Hatfied. “The equipment has stood the test of time.”

Hatfield’s home gym features several Body-Solid products including squat racks, hip sled, pec-delt machines, smith machines, adjustable benches, weight stacks, dumbbell racks and more.

David Hatfield

David Hatfield

His days as a State Trooper required that he maintain a high level of fitness but even in retirement, he continues to train.

“In retirement, exercise remains a necessity,” said Hatfield. “Fitness training is something I enjoy doing daily.”

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