How Fitness Drives & Motivates Bobby Allen to Help Others

Bobby Allen began his fitness journey like most as curiosity in fitness eventually evolved into a passion and now a life focused on fitness.

“I worked out since middle school and have always been fascinated with the process of transformation,” said Allen.

When Allen got married, he surprisingly found a new passion and drive for fitness.

“I competed in one bodybuilding show in my early 20s and didn’t do another until after I was married,” said Allen.

Allen used fitness, training and competing as a way to grow closer to his wife. Things changed when Allen and his wife had kids as the couple now needed to prioritize their time.

” Our competitive lives and commitment to our kid’s development reached a crossroads and it was either do a national level show or be there for our kid’s tournaments,” said Allen. ” We chose them and poured our energies into their development.”

The energy was well spent as Allen’s children are both national level competitors in track and field.

It was during this time that Allen and his wife realized time spent at the gym needed to be spent at home. Without wanting to stop training and working out, the decision was made to start building a home gym.

“It started with a Body-Solid station that I bought used for $100,” said Allen. “It has now grown to eight Body-Solid pieces!”

Allen’s current Body-Solid lineup includes a Bi-Angular Home Gym, GSRM40 Seated Row, GPM65 Pec Deck, PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press, PSM144X Smith Machine, GSCR349 Calf Raise, GAB350 Ab/Back Machine and the GCEC340 Leg Extension/Leg Curl machine.

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“Body-Solid equipment has the best floor print for space while allowing you to load commercial gym amounts of weight on the machinery, ” said Allen. “I have added so much dense muscle with this equipment.”

Today, Allen trains around four times per week—sometimes five—and channels much of his energy into his writing with articles published in places like Garage Gym Life Magazine as well as an active YouTube and Instagram page.

This year, Allen is hoping to be back on the stage competing in his first national show in the Master’s Class. Doing it while training exclusive at home is no easy task but Allen is up for it, even with some roadblocks along the way.

“I tore my quad tendon over a year ago,” said Allen. “That set me back on this goal but forced me to evaluate how to make it happen.”

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