The Iron Shop (Greenville, Texas): Follow-Up

Back in June 2017, we featured a new gym in Greenville, Texas: Zachery Nichols’ The Iron Shop. In the article, we talked with Nichols about the process of starting up his gym, how an index card sketch resulting in the gym’s opening in May 2017 but more importantly, we asked him about the future:

“His long term goal for The Iron Shop includes expansion and he hopes to get it done within the next year.”

Jump ahead five years and not only has The Iron Shop expanded… it’s expanded three times! The original Iron Shop facility we featured back in 2017 was a 12×40 ft. storage bay with a few pieces of Body-Solid equipment.

In November 2021, Nichols’ expanded The Iron Shop to a brand-new 5,000 sq. ft. building.

How did the growth happen? To Nichols, the answer is easy

“Good relationships, plain and simple,” said Nichols. “Good trainers too, we have the best. We take time to understand health and fitness is not a one size fits all.”

Nichols has a lot to be proud of with a gym that’s not only surviving through the COVID-19 pandemic but thriving. There are a few other things that made him proud over the last five years too including his best friend Carlos Carter and fiancé Chandler Woodlee—both trainers at The Iron Gym.

“Both of them started from scratch,” said Nichols. “They both trusted me to help put a plan in motion… now they both are doing this as a career.”

Since 2017, Nichols and The Iron Shop have also been instrumental in the professional sports careers of several members including John Franklin-Myers—defensive end for the New York Jets—and Earnest Brown IV—a Super Bowl LVI champion with the Los Angeles Rams.

“Both men are really good guys and I consider them brothers,” said Nichols. “It was cool to witness the transition from college to professional for both and still be able to give them good quality work when they come back for visits.”

With expansion also comes new equipment and Nichols has made sure to keep The Iron Shop updated with the latest trends within the industry. Recently, Nichols more than doubled his equipment including adding new cable machines, a new Body-Solid power rack, treadmills and more.

Five years ago, Nichols was able to correctly predict his and The Iron Shop’s future… what about in 2022?

“We are planning on expanding again in 2022,” said Nichols. “I am very happy with the gym, but this expansion would be needed because we have almost if not outgrown our current building that we just moved into.”

Nichols isn’t stopping there, he has his eyes on even more goals:

“Later down the road I have two goals in mind,” said Nichols. “But, I’m keeping those a secret for now!”

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